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Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Port Orange, FL

Effective Medical Weight Loss

Many weight loss programs and diet plans are available, but few are as effective or easy to understand as the Elite Medical & Wellness Weight Loss Program. That's because our team gives patients a comprehensive medical assessment that includes data about their BMI and feedback from each individual patient. During this process, they take into consideration any existing conditions to ensure no health issues will prevent you from achieving your weight loss goals. The Elite Medical & Wellness Weight Loss Program was developed using the principles of clinically tested medical practices. This program is designed to address complications like a patient's BMI and feedback from health exams.

Our doctors offer personalized one-on-one weight loss services to help you get a healthier lifestyle, all in an empathetic and understanding environment.

Then we develop a custom program to help you set short and long-term goals to lose weight. By blending specific medication and a specialized weight-loss nutritional program, timely eating in this program will mobilize fat cells and increase your metabolism. All of the foods can be found at local grocery stores. The results will be a smaller waistline and improved self-confidence.

The helpful staff at our clinic will provide you with a personalized plan to help keep your weight under control. Their constantly watchful eyes will make sure that each patient's progress is monitored and if necessary, modified accordingly in order to meet their individual needs.

Patients following our medical weight loss program on average lose around 1 pound per day. Our objective is to lose 30 pounds in the first month and then work to maintain that weight for the recommended four months.

Improved Quality of Life From Weight Loss

People who struggle to lose weight can often feel depressed and hopeless. Fortunately, our program provides a way for people to get their lives back on track by improving the quality of life with an improved figure through natural methods without any side effects!

A person's appearance is one aspect that impacts self-esteem tremendously. When someone struggles with obesity or has trouble losing pounds, it affects everything from personal relationships at home to work performance in the office. That's why if you're looking for ways around this issue, we've got something just right: A customized approach tailored specifically towards your needs will help you achieve results quickly while increasing energy levels as well as mental clarity.

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The Importance of Healthy Habits to Help Lose Weight

Losing weight is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Weight loss isn't just about looking good or being more attractive, it's also for your health and well-being too! Losing pounds can help you live longer and feel better in the process. We have found that our medical weight loss patients tend to feel like they have better overall health. Having better overall health is the goal of most people, as it tends to help keep most diseases and afflictions from impacting our lives.

Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself:

  • What are my health goals?
  • Do I get enough exercise?
  • What types of exercise do I enjoy?
  • Does these types of exercise help with my weight loss goals?
  • How many diets have I tried?
  • Did any of these diets work?
  • Are you currently on a healthy diet plan?
  • Do I need medical weight loss to achieve my goals?

These are all important questions to ask yourself. They are important because they help you get a true picture of where you are with your weight loss journey, and if it is time to seek professional help from our medical weight loss clinic.

Ask your Primary Care Provider

Talking to your primary care provider about beginning any weight loss program is very important. Your primary healthcare provider can help you evaluate whether a medical weight loss program is safe for your current health. If you have a heart condition, you want to be medically cleared before you begin any weight loss program. The medical provider at our medical weight loss clinic can also assist by getting a complete medical history and then make a determination if the program is safe for you to continue.

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Elite Medical & Wellness Center is more than just a medical weight loss clinic. We provide Port Orange and the surrounding areas with some of the very best health and wellness services in Volusia county. Some of these services are shockwave therapy, Cryoskin treatments, hormone replacement therapy, and more. Contact us for more information or feel free to schedule a consultation and allow our staff to give you a comprehensive assessment of your health and wellness needs on your very first visit.

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