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Achieve your body goals with Cryoskin
With the latest in advanced technology from Paris, Cryoskin offers the most advanced non-invasive treatment solution for slimming and toning. Cryoskin treatments applies the science behind the hot – cold Peltier effect which kills fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue and increase oxygen supply which aids in collagen production – resulting in slimmer, toned bodies and the elimination of fine lines and wrinkles.
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Effective. Painless. Convenient.

Quick and convenient treatments last between 20-30 minutes, with no recovery time. Cyroskin has all the fat loss benefits without any lasting side effects or discomfort. 88% of people surveyed found the treatments to be comfortable and relaxing
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Cryoskin Services

CryoSlimming uses thermoelectric cooling to freeze fat, causing the cell death of subcutaneous fat tissue without damage to the overlying skin. The 28-minute treatment begins with 4 minutes of heat at 104F degrees followed by 24 minutes of cold at 17.6F degrees, divided evenly across the treated areas. The destroyed cells then pass naturally through your body’s lymphatic system.

CryoToning helps diminish the appearance of cellulite, fine lines, and wrinkles. The 20-minute treatment applies only cold therapy at 28F degrees causing local metabolism and microcirculation to improve in the treated area. This boosts your production of collagen which eliminates cellulite, tones the area, improves skin elasticity, and reduces pore size.

CryoFacial uses cool temperatures to widen the blood vessels, increasing blood flow. This increase in oxygen supply boosts collagen production, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pores and improves skin elasticity. A natural, non-invasive way to look younger and more radiant.

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Cryoskin: Before & After Care

  • For best results following a cryoskin treatment, do not eat sugar for 3 hours prior to or after the session
  • If possible, avoid all kinds of sugar for 4-5 hours prior and after the cryo session. 2 hours is required for the best results. This includes all kinds of sugars; pasta, rice, bread, cereal, etc. and of course, simple starches and sugars.
  • Because the cold weakens and retracts the adipocyte (fat storage cell), consuming sugar will return immediate energy to these cells, and the apoptosis (cell death), will be less efficient and can even altogether hinder the treatment you just had.
  • The lymphatic system takes 15 days to complete an entire cycle. Results will begin and improve over the 2 weeks following the cryo session. Additional slimming sessions can be completed every 15 days/2 weeks.
  • Avoid exercising directly before a session. It will be harder to cool the body down and complete the slimming effectively.
  • For best results, maintain the best possible diet and lifestyle to accompany the treatment. Always drink plenty of water.
  • This is not an alternative to diet and exercise. It is a service to be used in addition to. Eating healthy, maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle will enhance this service
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Cryoskin FAQ

Is Cryoskin Safe?

The device is very safe. In terms of programming and electronics, it is managed by a computerized Windows system. The cooling system is controlled by an electronic temperature sensor located in the processing head of the device and the temperature is controlled in real-time by the machine and temperature is displayed on the screen. The Cryoskin was launched 5 years ago and is used throughout France. It is currently the most successful non-invasive slimming treatment available in France, the beauty capital of the world. It has been introduced to the US, first in New York City in November 2017. Elite Medical & Wellness Center is proud to be early adopters of this safe and effective technology in Port Orange, Florida.

How Does Cryoskin work?

The treatments last for approximately 28 minutes and are performed manually through a massage technique. The session begins with 2 minutes of heat and then a decrease in temperature to -8 ‘C for the duration of the session. The purpose of the treatment is to lower the temperature of the fat cells enough to cause what is known as the phenomenon of apoptosis. This phenomenon is triggered when the temperature of the fat tissue is between 17 and 12 ° and causes these cells to die. These cells are then naturally passed through the body through the lymphatic system and urine.

What are the benefits of Cryoskin?

Clinical studies have shown that this technology naturally destroys fat cells, but as with most techniques, the results vary from one individual to another. The expected effect is usually rapid: part of the fat cells are destroyed during the session while the others will be eliminated within 2 to 3 weeks. It has also been proven to help with micro circulation and a significant increase in collagen due to the thermal shock that is caused by the hot and cold.

What does a Cryoskin Treatment feel like?

The treatment is painless, with some clients describing it as rather pleasant. This is due to the massage technique and the session beginning with skin warming descending into the gradual decrease of temperature.

Who shouldn't have a Cyroskin treatment?

Anyone with the conditions below should not do this treatment:

  • Severe Raynaud’s syndrome
  • People who suffer from very poor circulation
  • Pregnant woman
  • Severe diabetes
  • Cancer
  • How often can I have the treatments?

Slimming treatments can be performed once every 2 weeks and lifting treatments can be performed every 7 days. There is a physiological reason for this: when apoptosis occurs and some fat cells die, waste is formed. The waste will be eliminated by natural routes (blood, lymphatic system, and the urine). Metabolism must, therefore, be allowed to evacuate this waste without overloading the system.

Can I work out before or after a Cryoskin treatment?

Absolutely there are no side effects to this treatment that will stop you working out. Make sure to keep hydrated and drink plenty of good quality still water.

What do I need to bring for a Cryoskin treatment?

You do not need to bring anything, we provide you with everything you need. For CryoFacials we will remove your makeup for the best results with the treatment.

What is the difference between this and other Cryotherapy treatments?

There are other manual cryotherapy machines. But tests and experience have shown that no other machine is currently capable of such dramatic results as the Cryoskin. These results are due to the fact that the device does not only produce cold but also heat. The exchange within these temperatures has a dramatic effect on the body’s tissues causing them to drop to 12 ° when fat tissues reach this temperature they die and are passed through the lymphatic system.

Why can I only have the CryoSlimming treatment every 2 weeks?

The natural destruction of fat cells will cause cell waste. This waste is passed through the body naturally, first through the blood then the lymphatic system and then urine and this process on average take 2 weeks.

What happens if I have a CryoSlimming session before the 2-week gap?

The results may be compromised by the natural cycle of waste disposal and thus increase the risk of clogging the pathways. This does not represent a significant risk but would compromise the results.

Why can I only have 2 areas done at the same time?

Again, to not overload the body’s elimination pathways. There is also strong internal cooling of the tissues and the treating of more zones at the same time could cause in extreme cases hypothermia and fatigue.

What is I want to do my tummy, face, arms, and legs...can I do them at the same time?

In our opinion and advice: NO

  • Face and arms in one session
  • Stomach and legs in another session

In general, it is always advisable to practice treatment on the upper OR lower body in a session.

Can I do an area for longer?

We may extend the time when we are working with someone who has a much larger body mass. Pre-programmed treatments were performed on average body surfaces so they are effective across a variety of body types.

What will happen if I spend too long in one area?

The treatment could become a little irritated and local hypothermia could cause some transient (not serious) pain.

Are there any side effects to a Cryoskin treatment?

  • There are generally no side effects apart from the amount you urinate to increase slightly over the 3 days following the treatment along with the appearance of your urine in color. In some cases, there was localized redness that disappeared after a few hours and in rare cases, there was local pain that did not exceed 2 to 3 hours.
  • There may also be some itching without consequences and often this is due to the reaction of certain cosmetic products used by clients; to avoid the chances of this do not use anything before coming in for treatment.
  • There were some experiences of delayed onset muscle soreness from treatments on the stomach due to unintentionally engaging the abdominals, again disappearing later that same evening.

Who should do a Cryoskin treatment?

Anyone who is looking to lose weight or has stubborn areas of fat they are looking to spot reduce or remove.

What can I do to maximize the Cryoskin treatment results?

By implementing a healthy lifestyle with a good diet, exercise, and detoxification.

How long do Cryoskin treatment results last?

Depending on the individual and depending also on their lifestyle and diet, the results last several months or several years. It is advisable to see how long treatments stay their best on you and engage in booster sessions every month, quarter or more or less often!

How quickly will I see results after a Cryoskin treatment?

The first results are generally visible from the first session and often very encouraging. However, it should be noted that the best results appear from 15 days to 3 weeks after the start of treatment and extend for several months after the end of treatment.

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